EN.601.454/654 Augmented Reality

This course introduces students to the field of Augmented Reality. It reviews its basic definitions, principles and applications. It then focuses on Medical Augmented Reality and its particular requirements. The course also discusses the main issues of calibration, tracking, multi-modal registration, advance visualization and display technologies. Assignments in this course will relate to the mathematical methods used for calibration, tracking and visualization in medical augmented reality. Students may also be asked to read papers and implement various techniques.


Recommended Course Background: 
EN.601.220, EN.601.226, and AS.110.201. 


  1. Augmented reality : principles and practiceDieter Schmalstieg, Tobias Höllerer. Boston : Addison-Wesley [2016] (You can borrow it or access it online with our library resource: link)
  2. Multiple View Geometry in Computer VisionRichard Hartley, Andrew Zisserman. New York : Cambridge University Press [2003] (You can borrow it or access it online with our library resource: link)

There will be a mix of written homework assignments, projects and, and a final exam. You can expect a total of 4 to 5 assignments throughout the semester.  Assignments, homework and final exam will vary depending on the level of the course (454/654).

Assignments: 30% (5+5+10+10+[5])
Projects: 30%
Final Exam: 30%
Class participation: 5%
Mock-up Exam Submission: 5%

Course Organizers’ E-mail

TA Hours
Sing Chun Lee (Graduate)
Zhuokai Zhao (Undergraduate)
When & where: During project phrase, all by appointments.

Schedule/Logistics (Materials on Blackboard)

# Date Topic Remarks
1 1/30 (Tue) Introduction  
2 2/1 (Thu) Transformations HA 1 (Transformations): Release at 9am
3 2/6 (Tue) Parameter Estimation I  
4 2/8 (Thu) Math Review & Admin HA 1(Transformations): Deadline at 9am
HA 2 (Parameter Estimation & Calibration): Release at 9am
5 2/13 (Tue) Parameter Estimation II  
6 2/15 (Thu) Camera Models & Camera Calibration  
7 2/20 (Tue) Camera Calibration & Error Analysis HA 2 (Parameter Estimation & Calibration): Deadline at 9am
HA 3 (Marker Tracking): Release at 9am
8 2/22 (Thu) HMD and HMD Calibration  
9 2/27 (Tue) Invited Lecture: HMD RAMP Speaker: Dr. Ali Kamen (from 8am to 10:15am)
3/1 (Thu) No Lecture  No Lecture
10 3/6 (Tue) Perceptual Visualization HA 3 (Marker Tracking): Deadline at 9am
HA 4 (Two View Geometry): Release at 9am
11 3/8 (Thu) Two View Geometry I  
12 3/13 (Tue) Two View Geometry II  
13 3/15 (Thu) Project Introduction HA 5 (Hololens & Project Selection): Release at 9am
3/20 (Tue) Spring Vacation HA 4 (Two View Geometry): Deadline at 9am
3/22 (Thu) Spring Vacation  
14 3/27 (Tue) HoloLens & DirectX HA 5 (Hololens & Project Selection): Deadline at 11:59pm
15 3/29 (Thu) Project Planning Projects Phrase Starts
16 4/3 (Tue) Meet your tutor  
17 4/5 (Thu) Meet your tutor  
18 4/10 (Tue) Kick-off Presentation Kick-off Presentation
Mock-up Exam: Release at 9am
19 4/12 (Thu) Meet your tutor  
20 4/17 (Tue) Meet your tutor  
21 4/19 (Thu) Meet your tutor  
22 4/24 (Tue) Meet your tutor Mock-up Exam: Deadline at 9am
23 4/26 (Thu) Meet your tutor  
24 5/1 (Tue) Poster Submission Poster Submission Deadline
25 5/3 (Thu) Poster and Demo Poster and Demo (from 9am to 11am)
26 5/16 (Wed) Final Exam Final Exam (2hrs, from 9am to 11am)