Research Objectives

The research objective of CAMP is to study and model medical procedures and introduce advanced computer integrated solutions to improve their quality, efficiency, and safety. We aim at improvements in medical technology for diagnosis and therapeutic procedures requiring partnership between:

  • Physicians/surgeons
  • Computer/Engineering scientists
  • Providers of Medical Solutions

The group forms such research triangles and actively participates in the existing ones. CAMP aims at providing creative physicians with the technology and partnership, which allow them to introduce new diagnosis, therapy and surgical techniques taking full advantage of advanced computer technology.

Research Portfolio

Being interested in applied science, CAMP aims at keeping an intelligent balance between incremental, radical, and fundamental research in following fields:

  • Medical Workflow Analysis
  • Medical Image Reconstruction, Registration, and Segmentation
  • Medical Augmented Reality

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Biomedical Engineering is growing extremely fast, and needs a new generation of engineers who own the necessary multi-disciplinary know-how. CAMP aims at bringing new elements into the curriculum of computer science students.

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