EN.600.484/684 Augmented Reality (Spring 2016)

Assignments, homework and final exam will vary depending on the level of the course.
Graduate level course: 600.684
Undergraduate level course: 600.484

Recommended Course Background for 600.484/684
EN.600.120, EN.600.226, and AS.110.201.

First class will take place on Tuesday, Jan 26th, 2016, 9am in Malone 107. Classes will be held Tuesday and Thursday 9am – 10:15am

There will be a mix of written assignments and computational programming assignments. You can expect a total of 5~6 assignments throughout the semester. There will be one midterm exam and a final exam.
Assignments: 40%
Midterm: 30%
Final: 30%

The TA, Tae Soo “TK” Kim, will be holding weekly office hours.
Where/When: Malone 339 Tuesday, 2pm-3pm, Malone 203 Wednesday, 2-3pm

Javad Fotouhi: [email protected]
Tae Soo Kim: [email protected]

We will use Piazza for announcements and upload course related material so it is essential that you monitor our Piazza page closely

Assignment submissions will be handled through Blackboard.

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Course will take place in Malone 107[attr colspan=”4″]
Th Jan 28 2016,Organizational Issues~~Introduction to AR,Augmented Reality Introduction
Tue Feb 2 2016,Background on linear algebra and computer vision,AR_Background
Th Feb 4 2016, Continuation Introduction to Medical AR~~Medical Visualization,Medical_Visualization
Tue Feb 9 2016,2D Transformations & Coordinate Systems,2D_3D_Transformations [attr rowspan=”2″]
Th Feb 11 2013,3D Transformations & Coordinate Systems
Tue Feb 16 2016,PC setup for programming exercises,TK_OpenCV_Tutorial
Th Feb 18 2016,Augmented Reality Visualization,AR-Displays
Tue Feb 23 2016,Assignment 1 Due~~in-class assignment 1 review~~HMD demo ,HMD_demo_Alex_Long
Th Feb 25 2016,Parameter Estimation,Parameter_Estimation_JHU_Spring_2016
Tue Mar 1 2016,Parameter Estimation~~Camera Models,Camera_Models_ErrorPropagation_JHU_Spring2016 [attr rowspan=”2″]
Th Mar 3 2016,Parameter Estimation~~Camera Models
Fri Mar 4 2016,Assignment 2 Due,-
Tue Mar 8 2016,SPAM,VideoOpticalSeeThroughDisplayCalibration_Spring2016
Th Mar 10 2016,Medical Augmented Reality~~State of the art,State_of_Art_Medical_AR_JHU_Spring2016
Tue Mar 15 2016,Spring break,-
Th Mar 17 2016,Spring break,-
Tue Mar 22 2016,Midterm Review,-
Th Mar 24 2016,Midterm,-
Tue Mar 29 2016,Error Propagation,Error Propagation[attr rowspan=”2″]
Th Mar 31 2016,Error Propagation
Tue April 5 2016,Ali Kaman Guest Lecture,Ali_Kamen_GuestLecture[attr rowspan=”2″]
Th April 7 2016,Ali Kaman Guest Lecture,
Tue April 12 2016,Perception,MedicalAR_PerceptualVisualization_Spring2016_JHU[attr rowspan=”2″]
Th April 14 2016,Perception
Tue April 19 2016,Two-view Geometry,TwoViewGeometry_[attr rowspan=”2″]
Th April 21 2016,Two-view Geometry
Tue April 26 2016,Paper Presentations,-
Th April 28 2016,Paper Presentations,-
Mon May 9 2016,2-5pm Final Exam,-


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