EN.601.454/654 Augmented Reality (Spring 2018)

Recommended Course Background:
EN.601.220, EN.601.226, and AS.110.201.


  1. Augmented reality : principles and practice, Dieter Schmalstieg, Tobias Höllerer. Boston : Addison-Wesley [2016] (You can borrow it or access it online with our library resource: link)
  2. Multiple View Geometry in Computer Vision, Richard Hartley, Andrew Zisserman. New York : Cambridge University Press [2003] (You can borrow it or access it online with our library resource: link)

There will be a mix of written homework assignments, projects and, and a final exam. You can expect a total of 4 to 5 assignments throughout the semester. Assignments, homework and final exam will vary depending on the level of the course (454/654).

Assignments: 30% (5+5+10+10+[5])
Projects: 30%
Final Exam: 30%
Class participation: 5%
Mock-up Exam Submission: 5%

Course Organizers’ E-mail
[email protected]

TA Hours
Sing Chun Lee (Graduate)
Zhuokai Zhao (Undergraduate)
When & where: During project phrase, all by appointments.

– Thank you for taking the course.  Hope you all enjoyed it!

Schedule/Logistics (Materials on Blackboard)

# Date Topic Remarks
1 1/30 (Tue) Introduction
2 2/1 (Thu) Transformations HA 1 (Transformations): Release at 9am
3 2/6 (Tue) Parameter Estimation I
4 2/8 (Thu) Math Review & Admin HA 1(Transformations): Deadline at 9am
HA 2 (Parameter Estimation & Calibration): Release at 9am
5 2/13 (Tue) Parameter Estimation II
6 2/15 (Thu) Camera Models & Camera Calibration
7 2/20 (Tue) Camera Calibration & Error Analysis HA 2 (Parameter Estimation & Calibration): Deadline at 9am
HA 3 (Marker Tracking): Release at 9am
8 2/22 (Thu) HMD and HMD Calibration
9 2/27 (Tue) Invited Lecture: HMD RAMP Speaker: Dr. Ali Kamen (from 8am to 10:15am)
3/1 (Thu) No Lecture No Lecture
10 3/6 (Tue) Perceptual Visualization HA 3 (Marker Tracking): Deadline at 9am
HA 4 (Two View Geometry): Release at 9am
11 3/8 (Thu) Two View Geometry I
12 3/13 (Tue) Two View Geometry II
13 3/15 (Thu) Project Introduction HA 5 (Hololens & Project Selection): Release at 9am
3/20 (Tue) Spring Vacation HA 4 (Two View Geometry): Deadline at 9am
3/22 (Thu) Spring Vacation
14 3/27 (Tue) HoloLens & DirectX HA 5 (Hololens & Project Selection): Deadline at 11:59pm
15 3/29 (Thu) Project Planning Projects Phrase Starts
16 4/3 (Tue) Meet your tutor
17 4/5 (Thu) Meet your tutor
18 4/10 (Tue) Kick-off Presentation Kick-off Presentation
Mock-up Exam: Release at 9am
19 4/12 (Thu) Meet your tutor
20 4/17 (Tue) Meet your tutor
21 4/19 (Thu) Meet your tutor
22 4/24 (Tue) Meet your tutor Mock-up Exam: Deadline at 9am
23 4/26 (Thu) Meet your tutor
24 5/1 (Tue) Poster Submission Poster Submission Deadline
25 5/3 (Thu) Poster and Demo Poster and Demo (from 9am to 11am)
26 5/16 (Wed) Final Exam Final Exam (2hrs, from 9am to 11am)