Virtual Reality for Sinus navigation with Oculus Rift

The Oculus Rift has been a great success since its first announce-ment back in 2012. A multitude of different games and demos were published which make use of the virtual reality possibilities the Rift offers. With the recent release of the second version development kit (DK2), a higher-resolution display, higher refresh rates and positional head tracking were added, giving rise to a wider range of application fields, including medicine.


For the LCSR Industry Day 2014, a demo for navigating the sinus anatomy with the Oculus Rift was developed. A 3-dimensional mesh of the paranasal sinuses was extracted from a CT scan, which could be explored in a “fly-through” kind of manner.


Future development will be directed towards real-time texture-mapping of endoscopic images onto the 3D mesh and displaying critical anatomy like vessels invisible in endoscopic images alone in an immersive VR fashion.

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